Mid Coast – Great Lakes

The BBRG Judgement on costs was handed down on 30 October.

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MidCoast – Great Lakes – BBRG MCC notification – March 2020


Land & Environment Court Judgement, 2018;

Boomerang & Blueys Residents Group Inc. v New South Wales Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government – NSW Caselaw


L&EC Summons – Minister – 150218

MCC CZMP – NSW Government Gazette – extract – 291217

Great Lakes CZMP 2016  HERE


Coastal management reforms remain an ongoing concern – July 2016

BBRG – ICM review of GLC draft CZMP – June 2015

Great Lakes Advocate – Open Letter – 6 May 2015

Great Lakes coastal management

Great Lakes Council (GLC) commissioned a Worley Parsons Coastal Study in 2009 – only for Boomerang & Blueys beaches. The completed 2011 Study, based on IPCC projections, was carried out primarily as a desk top study and provided qualified recommendations and hazard lines for these two beaches.

Boomerang & Blueys Beach Group (BBBG) commissioned a Peer Review in early 2011, recommending more extensive coastal research – and BBBG advised GLC that coastal management should be holistic and not a discriminatory program for only two beaches within the 100km Great Lakes coastline.

In April 2014 the NSW Government adopted the 2014 GLC Local Environment Plan (LEP) including Coastal Risk Planning Maps for Boomerang & Blueys beaches – and for Winda Woppa / Jimmy’s Beach, the only designated ‘hot spot’ in GLC.

In December 2014 GLC exhibited a BMT WBM draft CZMP Options Study for most beaches in GLC, based on the Worley Parsons Study and a SMEC Study – with Options only for south Boomerang Beach. The exhibition time extended to 6 February and following BBBG and other requests the closing date was extended to 13 February 2015.

Over 50 objections were submitted to GLC, including BBBG submissions and a further Peer Review. Objections issues include

  • Incomplete draft CZMP and non-compliance with CZMP guidelines
  • Draft CZMP options only apply to south Boomerang, are not based on best available information, and do not provide combinations of options
  • Significant community concerns & impact on local properties and values
  • Lack of effective community consultations

BBBG recommendations include: defer the draft CZMP, remove LEP Coastal Risk Planning Maps for Boomerang & Blueys beaches, consult with all stakeholders including the NSW Coastal Panel and NSW government – and implement evidence based monitoring to properly determine coastal management.

BBBG is a member of the NCA