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Planning for Future Flood Risks Community Newsletter – May 2020

Call to arms on rising sea-levels at Blacksmiths and Pelican – July 2016

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Action by Marks Point and Belmont South residents has been effective since we ‘revolted’ in August 2013 with a vote of no confidence in councillors who supported the 2012 poor policy on ‘Waterway Flooding & Tidal Inundation’.

Following this, members collaborated with Council from May 2014 in a joint working party to plan how to defend against current & future flooding. In December 2014 at Marks Point Sports Club, members applauded a presentation of an Adaptation Plan subsequently put to councillors in January 2015 and adopted in March 2016 for implementation.

The LMCR Inc. committee of ten residents has met seven times since the inaugural meeting at Marks Point Sports Club in December 2014, met with council twice, presented to councillors and assisted council staff on seven occasions at community briefings and site inspections.

Please click on the link to view the Marks Point/Belmont South Local Adaptation Plan.

We received the Community Award at the Coastal Conference 2015 for the LAP, the first of its kind in the nation.

We are currently working with local council alongside concerned and knowledgeable residents to develop the Blacksmiths/Pelican Local adaptation plan.

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Lake Macquarie flood risks adaptation plan – January 2015

Lake Macquarie Councillors. 

CC: Mr Brian Bell General Manager, Mr Tony Farrell Director City Strategy

13 March 2015


Residents from Marks Point and Belmont South who took part in the joint Community Working Group with Council staff last year to develop an adaptation plan were keen to keep this successful group together. It was decided to form an incorporated association to continue to represent the community and help progress the Adaptation Plan. I was elected president of this Lake Macquarie Coastal Residents association (LMCR) with Frank Mieszala as vice president and committee of those from the working group. We all live within and maintain a very close relationship with our community.

 We set as our mission statement “Lake Macquarie Coastal Residents Inc. will represent residents and work with Government to defend our community against current and future coastal hazards through adaptation”. Committee members are available to discuss/brief councillors or Council staff on any and all issues.

We presently have two requests to take up with Council staff;

During participation in CZMP Community Workshops at Swansea and Blacksmiths in November last year we were promised feedback on what residents had to say on the draft CZMP. We would be pleased to receive such feedback to assist us in understanding how CZMP relates to our Adaptation Plan. We are keen to bring our collective experience to CZMP and consider how we can continue to assist Council.

We are keen to assist in keeping residents informed of the good work done by the joint working group. We recognise that the draft Adaptation Plan has not yet been adopted however we are encouraged by observing site-work around improvement of drains. We would like to be kept abreast of progress on the next stage of the plan i.e. conversion of Newsletter 4 into a formal plan to present to Council and go on public exhibition. This would assist us in keeping residents aware of progress and I am sure it would greatly enhance community satisfaction.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Antill