• Will Gosford coastal residents stay or will they go to Wyong? 25 March 15

    Will Gosford’s new sea level rise benchmarks just raise flood planning levels and only create new hazard lines or will they be good news?

    Gosford Council recently adjusted its sea level rise benchmarks for planning purposes, This was undertaken without any community consultation at all. It is time to involve to take us on the same journey!

    The people of Gosford have a right to be involved in matters of public interest but yet again we are not given the opportunity.

    Coastal residents of Gosford are in no doubt that soon we will see the Eurobodalla response to reduced sea level rise benchmarks.

    Those residents directly affected by these decisions need to know what the plan is and want to be involved in designing it.

    Eurobodalla Council has adopted new planning provisions that drive todays planning period of 35 years  to a 50 year planning period and increase sea level rise benchmarks.

    Gosford Council is yet to state if they will also adopt these same planning periods for family homes. Shoalhaven uses regular reviews of sea levels as an alternative to speculative planning periods.

    If Gosford takes the same approach as Eurobodalla: – Forget any future investment in Gosford  – Forget any changes to youth unemployment and watch people migrate from Gosford to Wyong.

    As was recently suggested at a Council meeting, “if they don’t like it” then go!”. Please let us all know! – “What’s the plan”?  Should we stay or should we go?

    Coastal Residents Incorporated
    Pat Aiken – Secretary
    148 Steyne Road
    Australia 2251

    Phone : + 61 (0)2 4369-2852
    Mobile : + 61(0)414 800 188
    Email : aiken012@bigpond.com


    Key Eurobodalla Planning Periods for Family Homes – 25 March 2015

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